Cosmetic Dentistry

    Smile makeovers in East Village, East London.

    Cosmetic or ‘aesthetic’ dentistry refers to the range of dental treatments designed to improve the appearance of your smile.

    Cosmetic dentistry can be used to improve the look of:

    • Stained and discoloured teeth

    • Chipped and worn teeth

    • Crooked and crowded teeth

    • Unsightly gaps between teeth

    Cosmetic dentistry is a large and rapidly developing field of dentistry.
    It includes a number of treatment options:

    White Fillings
    Metal amalgam fillings can be changed to aesthetic white or tooth-coloured fillings. This can be done painlessly and the shade of the white filling can be closely matched to the colour of your teeth. This helps you achieve a more natural looking, whiter smile.

    White Crowns and Bridges
    Nowadays you can step away from the traditional metal crowns and bridges and choose a crown or bridge made from ceramic or porcelain matched closely to the shade of your teeth.

    These are similar to false nails and are a covering, which can be made out of porcelain or tooth coloured filling material, which is then stuck directly onto the tooth surface. They involve minimal tooth preparation and can help you achieve a brighter smile.

    Teeth Whitening
    A painless and effective procedure designed to improve the natural shade of your teeth. At East Village Dental, we use a home whitening system which gives you total control of how bright you would like your smile to become.

    Invisible Braces
    In the past braces were made from metal wire, however there are now a number of clear brace systems available and your dentist can discuss the suitability of these for you.

    Closing Gaps with Dentures, Bridges and Implants
    There are many ways of closing gaps caused by missing teeth – some of which are removable and others fixed.

    Gum Contouring, Surgery and Tooth Reshaping
    Your dentist can discuss the ways in which the tissues around your teeth or the teeth themselves can be altered to help you achieve a more attractive smile.




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    Extremely satisfied

    “Just got back from my treatment at the surgery and apart from being very numb, im extremely satisfied with the whole team. My dentist was very clam and gently with their work. Informing me of what they were doing as they worked in my teeth. Furthermore the treatment they have done feels good. The receptionist that I dealt with were friendly and helpful. One of the best dental surgeries I have been too.”

    Good new practice

    “Extremely happy with service. Polite, professional and friendly staff. Dentist was patient and explained everything to me very well. Made me feel at ease throughout my visit there. Definitely recommend this dentist. Everything new and shiny as well.”

    Very pleased with this practice

    “I was sent to this dental practice by 111 as I was having a swelling and infection and couldn’t get to my own dentist on that day. I was very pleased with the whole place and the way staff were dealing with my problem. The practice is new with very clean and new equipment and the people working there are very kind. Since that day I signed up with this practice and have already had a few treatments done. I am an anxious patient but they are very gentle and understanding. They explain everything and are patient. Very happy with this dental surgery and highly recommend it!”

    Helpful and modern dental practice

    “One of the best dental practice in the country. Very polite and friendly staff. My dentist was very helpful and good listener. My dental needs were met. Definitely will be going back there. Thanks.”

    Very happy with my dentist

    “I am very happy with my dentist who was extremely patient with me and explained all my options several times and helped me choose the best treatment plan. I felt like a true professional was taking care of me. Thank you!”

    Clean, modern, friendly and calming

    “I had tried to have a tooth removed from another dentist but it was too painful and the dentist there seemed annoyed with me. So, it was a complete pleasure and surprise to be treated so well at this practice by the dentist. I was put at ease, it didn’t feel rushed and the dentist took great care to avoid any pain or distress. The tooth was safely removed. I will definitely go back. Highly recommended.”