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Our Canning Town and Stratford East Village practices utilise highly professional clinicians, and the finest quality equipment in a state-of-the-art building. You will be sure that your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned, promoting your oral health and protecting your teeth.

A hygienist appointment will be undertaken by your dentist or a dental hygienist. A dental hygienist is a professional, qualified in performing this specific procedure.

Different types of scale and polish

We offer two types of hygiene appointments at East Village Dental.
The first is a standard hygiene visit. This is where a high-pressure water jet is applied to the teeth, in addition to a scaler and other tools. This gently removes staining, plaque and tartar from the teeth.

The second is our airflow polishing. As the name suggests, high-pressure compressed air will be applied to the teeth. This is the most effective way to remove staining and tartare.

Will a scale and polish hurt?

The procedure of a scale and polish does not hurt, however, your mouth may feel a little strange for a while afterwards, whilst your mouth adapts to your newly cleaned teeth, and it may cause some minor soreness in the gums. Generally speaking, a hygiene visit will feel cleansing and refreshing, and you’ll appreciate your newly smooth teeth.

Can a scale and polish cause bleeding?

It’s possible that there could be some bleeding, depending on the health of your gums. However, this bleeding is usually minimal. Bleeding may occur when brushing for the next few days, and this is completely normal. If your gums continue to bleed for more than 48 hours after the procedure, call your dentist.

Where can I have a scale and polish in East London?

We have two excellent facilities in East London, one in Rathbone Market, Canning Town (5 minutes walk from Canning Town station), and the other on Mirabelle Gardens, the new East Village development in Stratford (5 minutes walk from Stratford International, and 10 minutes from Stratford station).

Can a scale and polish damage my teeth?

We always require patients to have an examination prior to a hygiene visit. Your dentist will check that your enamel is strong enough to withstand the procedure. In the unlikely event that they cannot, they will advise alternative treatments or give you advice on improving your oral well-being.

Will a scale and polish whiten my teeth?

A hygiene visit will help remove staining and yellowing, as well as removing bacteria which will prevent further decay. An airflow appointment will also remove staining, to a further extent to a standard scale and polish. However, to achieve even whiter teeth, we advise using our boutique whitening service, we are one of the best providers of teeth whitening in East London.

Is a scale and polish offered on the NHS?

A scale and polish are generally not offered to adults on the NHS. However, our prices are very competitive and offer a private scale and polish in East London from £70.

Will a hygienist appointment affect other treatments?

Should you have healthy teeth, the answer is generally no. A dental hygiene appointment will not affect other treatments, in fact, a scale and polish is often advised for certain treatments, such as professional teeth whitening.
If you have not had an examination in the last six months, one will need to be performed prior to the hygiene appointment, and during this examination, your dentist will determine whether or not a hygiene visit is advisable.

How do I get a scale and polish in East London?

For excellent service and to book a hygiene appointment, call our booking line on 0203 813 6595.

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“Seriously so lucky to have a great dentist, all staff including the reception and dentists are so client focused, 5* customer service, and top quality…”

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Kayes Uddin

“I transferred to this dentist after having repeated bad experiences with dentists. What stood out to me here is the customer service of all staff,…”

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Amy Anderson

“The dentist was super friendly and calmed any nerves I had. She went into detail about the procedure that I was having done and reassured…”

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Razia Ruzi

“Would highly recommend it. Really lovely people and so helpful. I was in desperate need of an emergency dentist and called this morning to enquire.…”

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Angela Orsi

“Great NHS dentist. Sign up process is easy, reception are helpful, and replacement filling was done quickly. Would recommend.”

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Amy Condliffe

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